IMAP students must fulfil all courses and tasks specified in the training program, and pass the examination of courses and tasks formally selected (including compulsory courses for degree and elective courses) before they apply for thesis defense. They shall have no incomplete courses or failing courses when applying for thesis defense.  

IMAP students shall, according to the defense arrangement notified by the University, submit the final thesis within the prescribed deadline, check the graduation information, modify the thesis format as required, fill in and submit the Review and Approval Materials for Master’s Degree (Graduation) of Tsinghua University, and confirm the information they fill in.

Any student whose thesis is not approved by the advisor shall not conduct thesis defense. During preparation for thesis defense, students are not allowed to apply for withdrawal. They shall submit advisor comments to the Provost Office as required, obtain two copies of anonymous appraisal comments and make efforts to modify the thesis according to such comments.

After the thesis defense, students shall coordinate with the Provost Office to modify and submit theses within the deadline, and submit relevant forms and signatures based on the defense.

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