As one of the earliest departments of psychology established in Chinese universities, the Department of Psychology of Tsinghua University was founded by renowned Chinese psychologists Tang Yue, Sun Guohua, Zhou Xiangeng early in the autumn of 1926, and was one of the six major departments of the School of Science of Tsinghua University.

The information learning research team of Tsinghua University includes 15 teachers, of which all teachers have doctoral enrollment qualifications.The scientific research team has a reasonable age structure, an outstanding talent team and diversified research directions. The fields of teaching and research include Social and Cultural Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Management Psychology, Clinical and Health Psychology of Cognitive Neuroscience, etc. The courses taught by many professors are in the top 5% of the whole university evaluation.

The Department has made remarkable achievements in Positive Psychology, Engineering Psychology, etc. The Department has also actively built a large number of laboratories for scientific research and application, such as Driving Simulation Laboratory, Eye Movement Laboratory, Behavioral Research Laboratory, EEG laboratory, Decision-making Laboratory, Virtual Reality Laboratory, Brain and Intelligence Laboratory, which can meet the needs of scientific research development, promote the integration of various scientific research fields, and provide utilization rate and output value of device and equipment.

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