Tsinghua University builds a comprehensive, research-oriented, and open-ended world-class university. The social sciences have an indispensable role. In the overall development of Tsinghua University, the guiding ideology of accelerating the development of humanity majors was put forward. Based on Tsinghua University’s position in the country and the overall goal of building a world-class university, the School of Social Sciences strives to adapt to the requirements of economic construction and social progress for talent cultivation and social science academics. By following the academic paradigm of “connection between ancient and modern times, integration of China and the World, infiltration of arts and sciences, and comprehensive innovation”, the school will lay a solid foundation for academic cultivation, highlight the application, prioritize cross-disciplines and shape its own characteristics.

The school consists of four departments and one institute—the Department of Social Sciences, the Department of Political Sciences, the Department of International Relations, the Department of Psychology, the Institute of Economics (as shown in the organizational structure of the school). In addition, the school also has nearly 20 interdisciplinary research institutions. In recent years, the school has undertaken more than 200 projects under research, including major projects of the National Social Science Fund, key projects of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, and the National Science and Technology Support Plans. These projects have played an active role in the national economic, social and cultural construction. Over the past five years, professors of the school have published hundreds of books and thousands of papers, and the achievements they made in scientific technology have won many awards presented by the Ministry of Education of China and the Beijing.

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